Timely and effective advice by our team of professionals leads to effective solutions for the business decision-making process.

Andersen in Ecuador has an excellent multidisciplinary team of professionals trained in risk prevention, tax and corporate law, and with experience in the application of best tax practices.

    • Managers


      Our team of professionals specialized in law, accounting and tax review, are committed to providing timely and proactive services.

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    • Mario Orellana Beltrán

      Mario Orellana Beltrán

      “Legal Defense of interests and rights is only entrusted to a team of professionals.”

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    • Pablo Guevara Rodríguez

      Pablo Guevara Rodríguez

      "Timely professional advice is advantageous and helps prevent future negative contingencies."

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    • Mauricio Durango Pérez

      Mauricio Durango Pérez

      “Our corporate DNA is based on continuous innovation processes for quality, excellence and competitive advantage is our value proposition.”

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    • Alfredo Bustos Rodríguez

      Alfredo Bustos Rodríguez

      “Our challenge is to optimize tax burden using best tax practices.”

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